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Ryan Houdek
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[ANDROID] Add two new DriverDetails bugs for Adreno. V45 of the driver has broken shader compilation with UBOs in the shaders, this is most likely fixed with V53 found in the Nexus 5. Add a bug for issue surrounding on screentext and doing a glClear after swap causes screen swizzling and zero frames rendered respectively.  On the Java side, pass in the dimensions of the screen swapped since there is an issue with Adreno where it rotates the output 90 degrees for some reason. Disable the GLSL shader cache on Android for now due to the inability to cleanly exit the emulator, this tends to cause the cache to get corrupted. All this together fixes rendering with Adreno 3xx GPUs with driver version v14 and above. In particular my Galaxy S4 still resets with this without the root commands, but my HTC Droid DNA and LG G2 is fine. This must be due to particular 'enhancements' that the Samsung kernel has over the other ones. The speed on Adreno has yet to be optimized, so it will most likely be slow still. Faster than the software rasterizer in any case. The ARMJIT is still broken in at this point, so not much fun can be had.