3.5-1534 7 лет назад [Android] Actually copy Dolphin.ini correctly...
3.5-1533 7 лет назад Add shortcut to (dis)connect the balance board.
3.5-1532 7 лет назад [Android] Make the navigation drawer not so blindingly dark.
3.5-1531 7 лет назад [Android] Open the navigation drawer by clicking on the button. Woops, didn't realize that gmail did this as well.
3.5-1529 7 лет назад provide GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility workaround
3.5-1528 7 лет назад Fix last commit, and set the position on mouse down instead of mouse up.
3.5-1527 7 лет назад Allow dragging the analog sticks with the tas input.
3.5-1526 7 лет назад Merge branch 'JP-wiimote-savestate-fixes'
3.5-1522 7 лет назад Core: Fix a typo in the binding of IR Up
3.5-1521 7 лет назад Merge branch 'expression-parser-fixes'
3.5-1518 7 лет назад InputConfigDiag: Use "..." for complicated expressions
3.5-1517 7 лет назад InputConfigDiag: Give the input text field a monospace font
3.5-1516 7 лет назад InputConfigDiag: Update for the new expression language
3.5-1515 7 лет назад ExpressionParser: Support bare words for simple control names
3.5-1514 7 лет назад ExpressionParser: Add support for the add operator
3.5-1513 7 лет назад InputCommon: Add a new ExpressionParser to replace the old hack language
3.5-1512 7 лет назад InputCommon: Split Device stuff out
3.5-1511 7 лет назад [Android] Open drawer if there isn't anything in the game list, instead of on first run.
3.5-1510 7 лет назад Warning fix.
3.5-1509 7 лет назад Revert "fix warning: format '%x' expects argument of type 'unsigned int*', but argument 3 has type 'u8* {aka unsigned char*}'"