4.0-278 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад VideoCommon: Drop D3D9 SSAA implementation
4.0-277 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Fix FXAA shader for OpenGL ES 3.
4.0-276 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад [Android] Fix PCH build. Clean up DolphinWX cmake file a little bit. Modify our android cmake toolchain file to make the default build location not be source root, because that is stupid.
4.0-275 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Add git.bat to the options in make_scmrev.h.js because depot_tools uses it and I'm silly.
4.0-274 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Fix Linux build issue.
4.0-273 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад This introduces a FXAA post processing shader for our OpenGL backend. I would like to acredit mudlord for making this possible. He provided the code necessary for making this PP shader possible. Witho...
4.0-272 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Wipe all traces of OpenSSL's AES implementation. Use polarssl instead.
4.0-271 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Add dxsdk_dir to vc++ paths via base.props. This means you no longer need the paths in a global property sheet. In fact if you have them in such a file, you should remove them as it will cause conflic...
4.0-270 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Revert "Fixes GCC 4.9 compilation. It now supplies its own _mm_shuffle_epi8 intrinsic."
4.0-268 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Added memchecks when the MMU is enabled. Thanks to comex for the fix.
4.0-267 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Fix build on Mavericks.
4.0-266 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Gameini database update. Carmen Sandiego(gc), Ed, Edd n Eddy (gc), Ice Age 2 The Meltdown (gc), The Incredibles(gc), Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast(gc), Enter The Matrix (gc), X-Men Next Dimension(gc), ...
4.0-265 7 лет, 11 месяцев назад Document FPSCR fields
4.0-264 7 лет, 12 месяцев назад Allow frame limit to be set via game ini.
4.0-263 7 лет, 12 месяцев назад [Android] 0.12 release.
4.0-262 7 лет, 12 месяцев назад [Android] Fix MIPS compiling.
4.0-261 7 лет, 12 месяцев назад [Android] Fix MIPS compiling.
4.0-260 7 лет, 12 месяцев назад [Android] Fix Build.
4.0-259 7 лет, 12 месяцев назад Actually enable PCH.
4.0-258 7 лет, 12 месяцев назад Fix my fix.