4.0-237 8 лет назад Document some UGeckoInstruction fields
4.0-236 8 лет назад [Netplay] Allow a spectator to leave without affecting players.
4.0-235 8 лет назад jit64: enable faddsx again
4.0-234 8 лет назад ogl: only use bufferdata if buffersubdata is broken
4.0-233 8 лет назад Fix rendering on Adreno and Mali. This adds a new DriverDetails bug to know if the bufferstreaming is broken. Thanks degasus for fixing this.
4.0-232 8 лет назад Jit64: optimize floating-point/paired-single arith
4.0-231 8 лет назад Increase the trampoline cache size to cater for fastmem writes.
4.0-230 8 лет назад (Netplay) Disable record input checkbox while a game is running.
4.0-229 8 лет назад Fix config file saving on Windows.
4.0-228 8 лет назад ShaderGen: fix for commit bd80de14f4ca
4.0-227 8 лет назад ShaderGen: drop PerPixelLighting + 8Texcoord hack
4.0-226 8 лет назад ShaderGen: remove nonsense for() if() {}
4.0-225 8 лет назад Try to atomically save config files.
4.0-224 8 лет назад Revert "Remove some unnecessary includes."
4.0-223 8 лет назад Remove some unnecessary includes.
4.0-222 8 лет назад [Android] Implement OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener within PrefsActivity.java. This allows us to immediately save to the ini config when a preference in the front-end is changed, rather than waiting ...
4.0-221 8 лет назад Perf: Use unordered_map instead of map in very slightly hot function.
4.0-220 8 лет назад Remove unused variable waitingForPEInterruptDisable.
4.0-219 8 лет назад PixelShaderGen: Refine the comment from revision 3fbe1b1ccdcf.
4.0-218 8 лет назад VideoCommon: Update FastDepth's comment