3.5-329 8 лет назад Removed the need for this temporary variable.
3.5-328 8 лет назад Cleans up EGL. Removes printf output with INFO_LOG and ERROR_LOG
3.5-327 8 лет назад Move swap control to the host specific GLInterface files.
3.5-326 8 лет назад Fix a potential memory leak on non-windows systems.
3.5-325 8 лет назад change projection_type to u32
3.5-324 8 лет назад Revert "mem_fun -> mem_fn."
3.5-323 8 лет назад mem_fun -> mem_fn.
3.5-322 8 лет назад Revert the fix for the random static audio that would sometimes occur in DSP HLE and DSP LLE. The fix caused the music in Fast - Racing League to play random sounds.
3.5-321 8 лет назад Fix AGL.cpp
3.5-320 8 лет назад Revert "Ctrl+A support in the action replay code editing menu."
3.5-319 8 лет назад Ctrl+A support in the action replay code editing menu.
3.5-318 8 лет назад Set the default memory card path as relative too.
3.5-317 8 лет назад Save memory card paths relative to exe directory.
3.5-316 8 лет назад Preset the HBeam and VBeam to 0 on boot. Fixes Densha de Go Shinkansen EX.
3.5-315 8 лет назад Added a game property to disable the clearing of the data cache. This is needed by one known game, "Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush".
3.5-314 8 лет назад Allow emulated wiimote to be tilted 180 degrees in each direction. (was 90) Fixes issue 3492.
3.5-313 8 лет назад Remove lttc for lle on thread too.
3.5-312 8 лет назад Fix a dumb regression from revision 4925a28f94d8.
3.5-311 8 лет назад Revert my dual-core fix for FifoPlayer. Apparently it breaks more than it fixes.
3.5-310 8 лет назад Actually remove lttc.